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(Above) All very calm before the start...

(Below) ... but a bit more effort required to get the job done during the race.

"I was still on the interactive programme training 6 times a week but hitting everything as hard as I could. I remember doing my Challenge Series 5k time trial on New Years Eve 2010 and thumping to the floor at the end. At this point I was training in my bedroom and my parents were visiting. I recall my mum coming in and asking if I was ok... later I had to go and apologise for my obscenities." 

New Year 2011 and Ollie found some salvation for his training. He discovered low rate 18k pieces which he did 3-4 times a week. This along with one high intensity session and two weight training sessions each week brought his performance back up. He trained alone, usually in a small store room hidden away from any distractions at work. It was in February 2011 that Ollie made a last minute entry to the English Championships.

"I went with the view to testing the water and aimed for 6:20. I was still aware of the damage BIRC had done to me and my confidence was low. I had done no fast pieces but felt surprisingly strong during the race and sat behind the 2 leaders all the way. 300m to go I opened it up as much as I could and moved up into the silver medal position. As I fell through the line and hit the deck again I was convinced that silver was mine but the pain was not as intense as before. It was only when I looked up at the big screen that I realised some big oaf named Buchanan (who was flaked out on the floor next to me) had pipped me on the line again by about half a second. Little did I know he was to become my team mate."

Ollie took his new found confidence back to the gym and three days later rowed a 10k PB for the Challenge Series and taking an insurmountable lead in the competition.

"With only 4 weeks or so before the World Championships I just stayed on the 18k’s. I felt powerful and I had gained a few pounds from the weight training."

The Worlds took place in February 2011 and Ollie rowed a 2k PB of 6:15, finishing 8th in the Mens HWT 30-39 and was the fastest member of Team GB.  

Rowing had to take a back seat as he returned to running in preparation for the Royal Navy Physical Training course. In November 2011 some 9 months after racing and 7 months away from rowing Ollie began his come back with a 20 week training programme that would lead to BIRC 2012.

Although preparation was not injury free BIRC 2012 was a good experience and Ollie finished 6th in a time of 6:18 in the Mens HWT 30-34.

"I gave it my all on the day and thought that I would be able to PB but on the day it just was not to be. I had very little power towards the end and had forgotten just how much it hurts. What has been a frustrating career so far with long breaks has seen my competitors race ahead but I keep reminding myself I am still a newbie to the sport."

In June 2012 Ollie was successful in joining Q Power. "I have goals and ambitions of winning medals and major championships. Q has given me the drive to succeed and with the purposeful training that he sets out for his athletes I believe anything is possible".

You can follow Olllie's training in his blog.

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