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Indoor Rowing Team

Jaime Hutter

My rowing career began in 1992 at Dartmouth College when a coach saw me towering above the dining hall crowd. At 6’4” (193cm) I was deemed a heavyweight, but I struggled to add muscles to my skinny frame. I managed to pull a 6:18 2k, but erg-room adequacy didn’t translate to engine-room efficacy. Coaches liked my height but were less impressed with my less-than-aggressive demeanor. Needless to say, I was outshone by my teammates, 5 of whom became Olympians.

Even without a stellar college career, I am hooked on rowing, particularly the combination of structured training and constant camaraderie. Being on the Q-Power team is a dream come true in this regard - world-class coaching and a team of rowers for a guy who has been stuck on a lonely erg for way too long. After school, I worked in New York City (where I was born) and later San Francisco. It was “off the water, on with weight”, as finance jobs didn’t leave much time for exercise. As a newlywed in 2004, I chose a lifestyle change and moved to the mountains of New Zealand, with frequent excursions to my wife’s hometown in Colorado. The terrain led to a brief enthusiasm for mountain biking, but a scary crash convinced me to buy a fancy road bike. Racing bikes led me to triathlon, and I eventually completed an ironman-distance race in 2012, just 5 weeks after the birth of my daughter.

The ironman was pivotal. Long training sessions had got my weight down to 170lbs, and I was fed up with finding myself near the bottom of the results thanks to poor swim and run mechanics. I realized that I should be rowing again. Since I was only 5lbs away from the lightweight indoor weight class, I believed I could post respectable results. It is great to be back rowing! Just like college - I wear the same unisuit, erg to the same music, and try to impress the same woman (now my wife, a former university rowing coach).

I started training on my own and pulled an American 1k record, but I seemed to be getting weaker. I reached out to Q-Power in search of enlightenment and have been amply rewarded. After a few months of Q’s coaching, I’m setting new PBs including an American record for the 500m. I am looking forward to future racing success.

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