Q - Power

Indoor Rowing Team

Clean Sport

Q-Power is committed to clean sport. Athletes work exceptionally hard and make significant compromises to be able to train and compete. They are entitled to a fair race. 

Broadly, the use of performance enhancing drugs falls into two categories - intentional and accidental.

Accidental use is unacceptable. Intentional use is unforgivable.

Sporting organisations can never take responsibility for what athletes put into their bodies. It is ultimately their choice and one cannot watch over them 24 hours a day. However what one can do is develop a clean sport ethos and, above all, educate them. 44% of doping violations are unintentional. 

At Q-Power we have a policy that athletes are not permitted to race for the team unless they are properly informed about the use and abuse of performance enhancing drugs. As part of our underlying philosophy of taking things to the next step, not only do we require our athletes to have undergone anti-doping training, we require each athlete to qualify as an UKAD Accredited Advisor.

We will not tolerate performance enhancing drugs in our sport.   

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