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Since Q-Power was formed we have been inundated with approaches by athletes from all over the world looking to join us. Unfortunately we prefer to operate a small squad so that a considerable amount of attention can be given to members to ensure they get the very best from their training. Accordingly we are not able to accommodate the majority of enquiries.

Although we are based in the UK, we have members in New Zealand, the USA and Canada and living abroad is not a bar to being a member of the team.

As a guide athletes in the team will have the following characteristics:
  • Have trained at least 5-6 times per week for at least a year, preferably longer;
  • Be able to train 8 sessions per week, and potentially up to twice per day 6 days each week (in the case of more advanced athletes);
  • Race at their national indoor rowing championships;
  • Race at the Indoor Rowing World Championships in Boston in February each year;
  • Have a realistic prospect of winning a gold medal at the World Championships over a two to five year time frame.
Q-Power tends to produce strong results and most of our athletes are national record holders. However these results take an enormous amount of hard work and commitment, month after month for several consecutive years. They also require a significant amount of natural talent. Athletes who make enquiries often find that their lifestyles and other commitments are such that it is simply impossible to complete the training, irrespective of their enthusiasm.

We take anthropometric measurements from athletes to assist in assessing potential. Depending on those results, current performance and training history, we offer trials to some athletes thereafter. Trials typically last 3 to 6 months and there is far from a guarantee that that will result in a place on the team. During the trial the primary areas of focus are the ability to follow a structured training program, to be able to fit that program into the athlete's life as a whole, to show sufficiently rapid improvement and to perform well in the necessary tests which impact upon selection.

Q-Power is not a coaching service for remuneration - the team is driven by a shared and intense passion for the sport. That said, you may need to incur cost in ensuring you have suitable training and racing equipment (hiring/buying your own erg, HR monitoring equipment, team kit). Travel to competition can be expensive, especially to the World Championships. 

If you are interested in finding out what is involved, send us an
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