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Q-Power Indoor Rowing Team has teamed up with international law firm Withers LLP and London's leading independent luxury hotel group Grange Hotels to present a unique indoor rowing event.

From 9am on Thursday 23 August 2012, the 5-star Grange St. Paul's Hotel will host indoor rowing teams from Withers LLP and Q-Power.

The Event Format

Two Concept2 rowing machines will be set up side by side, allowing the two "teams" to race against each other. However the event is a little different from a typical indoor rowing race.

• The race will last for 24 hours straight, day and night. 
• Withers will provide one team of 20-30 lawyers, rowing in shifts.
• Q-Power's Paul 'Beowulf' Buchanan will be other team... on his own.

• We are also running a 60 Second Challenge competition which is open
   to everyone (details below).

The Purpose of the Event

The aim of the row is to raise money for Cancer Research UK. There are two easy ways you can donate. 

By text: if you are in the UK, just text ROWQ88_£5 to 70070 to donate £5 (you can change the amount in the text depending on how much you wish to donate). Do not forget to leave a space just before the "£" - if the text is not in the right format the donation will not go through. 

JustGiving: Alternatively, go to http://www.justgiving.com/q-power. You can donate by debit card, credit card or PayPal.

World Record Attempt

During the course of the event, Paul will be trying to take the current Concept2 and Guinness World Records. The Concept2 World Record of 313,248m was set by Phil Craze in Chirnside, Scotland on 12-13 May 2011.

Guinness World Record (which has different authentication requirements) of 307,683m was set by David Harris on board HMS Coventry at Devonport, England on 17-18 November 2001.

The Live Webcast

The event will be broadcast live in the Q-Power TV loung
. You will be able to see what the teams are up to from a high quality 640x 
480 picture (you will need bandwidth of about 800Kb/s). 

Will be superimposing onto that picture a live data feed showing Paul's heart rate, the %VO2max he is working at, as well as various other bits of information (don't worry, we will explain what they all mean). 

We will regularly put up captions showing the distance Paul has covered, and how far ahead or behind the World Record target he is. 

The live webcast will be free... however we hope you consider giving a few pounds to Cancer Research.

The 60 Second Sprint Challenge Competition

Rather than just watching, why not come along and join in! We will be running a 1 minute sprint competition (one for men, one for women). Row as far as you can in the time and record your distance. Do something different with your lunch hour on Thursday 23 August, or spice up your workout on Thursday evening or Friday morning. You can enter any time during the 24 hours the event is under way.

There will be prizes for the winner of each competition, and also prizes for each of two people drawn at random, just for taking part.

Entry Fee: £5 to Cancer Research 

Details of the competition, including how to enter, can be found here.

About the Organisers

The event has been organised by James Bailey, with the invaluable support and assistance of Tom Hughes and Laura Boyle (Withers), Barry Wishart, Juanita D'Cunha, Jayshree Viswanathan and Carmen Bergne (Grange) and Chris Baillon (Godfrey Sports).

James is a barrister at New Square Chambers, but is passionate about rowing and exercise physiology. He established and runs Q-Power Indoor Rowing Team.

The event is taking place at the Grange St. Paul's Hotel, 10 Godliman Street, London EC4V 5AJ (just ask for the St. Paul's Health Club).

The 24 hour row and the 60 Second Challenge will both be taking place in the Ajala Spa within the St. Paul's Health Club.

Whether you are taking part in the 60 Second Challenge or just coming to support, you might end up here at some stage. We'll see you there!

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