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Indoor Rowing Team

Jordan Weide

My interest in rowing started in 2012. At that time I had been weightlifting as a hobby for several years, and my lifts had gotten respectable, especially after obtaining some well-constructed powerlifting-oriented programs. I had also gained a few pounds, going from about 195 lbs. to a peak of 250 lbs., which helped bring the strength up as well. (Rowing has me down to 228-230 nowadays.)

I did some 500m sprints on an erg for "fun" (haha), and got a couple nice ones, so I decided to make some inquiries about rowing in my hometown. The local university team allowed me to train alongside them in the mornings, so I spent a lot of time on the water that year in a single scull.

In the meantime I also tried to learn as much about the physiology of rowing training as I could, which led me to finding the Q-Power website. After browsing the articles I realized very quickly that there was great information here that could help me get better faster, just as the right programs had helped me get stronger in the gym. A couple of emails and some time on the phone with the site owner later led to an offer to be a part of the Q-Power program of custom training programming, a program that would help me improve my barely-existent aerobic systems to go along with my ample anaerobic development.

Since then there have been good months and bad months, often due to external factors. When I've been able to put together stretches of quality, consistent training, however, the numbers have always gotten better.

Recent highlights include a 412m 60-second test, a 5:57.4 2k in training, and winning the 30-39 heavyweight male division at the Indoor Rowing World Championships in Boston.

And the best is yet to come... 


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