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Q-Power Indoor Rowing Team was established in 2011 and consists of a small group of athletes who train to race nationally and internationally on the indoor rowing circuit. The team's approach to their training and racing is both professional and scientific. Whereas the team has to fit training around family and professional commitments, its members are highly committed in their pursuit of the team's goals being:
  • Medals at major national and international indoor rowing championship
  • National and World Records
  • to raise money for charity through indoor rowing

As at 24 February 2019 the team has won:

  • 134 gold medals;
  • 30 silver medals; and
  • 14 bronze medals in major competitions
(including 17 World Championship golds, 7 silvers and 4 bronzes).

We have set 35 world records and 142 national records in 4 countries. 69 of those national records are still retained (52 having been bettered by the same Q-Power athlete that originally took them).

With the World Championships being the primary goal each year, we have produced at least one world champion each year since 2014. You can see our World Championship results here.

Two of our athletes were selected to race at the highest level of indoor rowing at the World Games in Wroclaw in July 2017. Justin Reston raced for Great Britain in the women's lightweight 2000m winning a silver, and Jordan Weide represented Canada in the men's 500m event.

We also have a particular interest in demonstrating that ageing has far less of detrimental effect on physical performance than was once thought. Our focus lies in taking athletes who are already reasonably well developed, and seeking to use advanced training theory to find the final few seconds or meters from those who have busy family and professional lives, seeking to turn very respectable performances into medals.

Through various indoor rowing record attempts we have raised money for Cancer Research UK, the Samaritans and the Round Table Children's Wish.

You can get in touch with Q-Power here.

At the 2018 WIRC in Alexandria VA, Helen Pearce became world champion for the first time in the W30-39 2k event in a time of 6:50.1 and went on to win the 500m event in the same age group with a 1:32.5. Jeff Julian won bronze in the M50-54 2k with a time of 6:20.1, and won gold in the 500m in 1:21.9.


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