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(Above) BIRC 2005.

(Below) Back on the water...

James's first race in his second rowing career was the Enfield Indoor Rowing Gala in September 2005. Arguably not the most prestigious of events, but then the erg does not care where you are... only how hard you pull. A 6:31.1 personal best was a pleasing time.

October 2005 saw James race at the inaugural Health Club Games where another personal best of 6:28.6 saw a bronze medal. The torrid conditions of the Birmingham Indoor Arena made racing at the British Indoor Rowing Championships 2005 a race for position rather than time, but 6:33.4 produced a 14th place.

With the continuously varying pressures of work, training was far from perfect. However it was enough to produce some decent races and James won the Health Club Games in October 2006 in a time of 6:28.9. The following month James raced at the BIRC 2006 and came 11th with a new personal best of 6:28.5

2007 was a difficult year for training (a 6:40.1 at BIRC 2007) but 2008 showed a return to form, and for short period before the birth of his first child, a return to the water. In preparation for BIRC 2008 James set a series of personal bests: 8143m for 30r20, a 1:36.6 average for 4x750[3:00] and a 1:35.3 average for 6x500[1:30].

Optimistic about a further personal best over 2000m at the British Championships, illness struck resulting in a predictable collapse of performance and withdrawal from the race. That was rapidly followed by fatherhood which had a similar effect.

James’s second child arrived in 2010 and slowly but surely efforts are being made to find a return to form.

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