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Dave Sheehan

Hi, I’m Dave. I have been involved in a wide range of sports from a young age including mountainbiking, canoeing, windsurfing and rugby. I started rowing at university at the age of 19 and have been dabbling in it since, with about as many seasons at it as away from it. Overall I have had a fairly moderate training regime over the years with a handful of tough seasons where I produced my personal bests of 2k at 6:02 and a 5k at 16:06 (both in 2004). In 2001 and 2004 I won two Irish National Championship Titles on the water in the single scull and the coxless pair.

So now that I have two small kids and another one on the way, I thought that rowing on the water was too time consuming for me, but I still needed some competitive outlet to train for. So erg training sprung to mind. It seemed like the perfect plan to achieve my long-term goal of winning CRASH-Bs while devoting only a reasonable amount of training hours to it. (“Reasonable” relative to the amount of hours spent training for on the water rowing, which inevitably takes twice as much time for a session because of the logistics of organising crews, finding equipment, setting up boats, pre- and post- analysis of every training session, etc.)

Every year I check the CRASH-Bs to see what the wining times are. I was checking the Concept 2 rankings to see what scores are there for the taking and noticed that there are quite a few indoor rowing clubs sprouting up.

I found the Q-Power site and contacted James in April of this year (2013) with the hope that I would get a training program specific to erg training so I could have targets to focus on and others to compete against in between competition. We had a long discussion about what is required to be a team member and following an initial trial period I have been able to adopt a slightly less demanding program than some of the other guys to fit into my schedule, but I am still see advances. 

Above: Racing at Henley in 2010

Below: Head of the Charles (Boston) in 2002

Below: Dave modelling himself on Jake Wetzel

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