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A few words from Andy:

I'm Andy Mudge from Tavistock in Devon. I live on the edge of Dartmoor with my wife and 3 young children (2 girls and a boy). We live and work on a 120 acre farm in the National Park.

I did quite a bit of competitive sheep shearing in my early 20s going on to win the English title twice and representing England at the World Championships in 2008 finishing in 9th place.

I took up indoor rowing after a knee injury sustained whilst sheep shearing and was advised to build up my quad muscles by a physio (who was a keen rower). At first I just went to the gym and rowed 3 times a week amongst a bit of weight training.

After getting married and having our first child I found getting to the gym increasingly difficult. Three times a week became once a week, and then sometimes I did not go for a few weeks. My weight started to increase and I found I was getting more trouble with my knee. Farm work also started to become more of a struggle. I needed to get back into rowing.

With a bit of encouragement from a friend I entered the 2005 Cornish Indoor rowing competition and with not much training I managed a 6.27 for the 2k and coming second. I started to look at the Concept2 forum and realised that there was a whole world of erging out there.

So in 2006 I bought a rowing machine for home use and also joined Sub 7 IRC. This gave me a great deal of motivation, I found that I was actually not too bad at rowing and could compete with some of the quicker guys on the C2 forum.  The competition really pushed me to train harder and to look at my technique which was lacking. 

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